FleetIT is a program that allows you to register your license plates nationwide with any toll road that generates a paper violation for a missed toll. 

The FleetIT front end allows you to create your account, select your pricing, add funds to your account and self manage your license plates, adding or removing the plates. Depending on the toll authority, FleetIT can backdate the plate to allow for any unpaid tolls to be swept up and the violations to be converted.

Once you have logged into your account, the first page you see is a dashboard showing the general information relating to your fleet. The menu is on the left hand side and from there you can access your toll transaction under the violations tab. Here you can view and download the transactions. The vehicle tab is where you can manage your fleet, you can add vehicles one at a time or by bulk uploading a list of all the vehicles they want to register. 

The billing tab is where you can see your balance in your FleetIT account as well as add funds via a credit card or debit card. The historical transactions are shown on this page as well. 

If you have the ability to connect your system to an external database, we offer a web hook that can be used to pull the violation data directly from the FleetIT database so that you will be able to build some automation around the data, driver notification, automated billing, invoice generation, etc.