Drivers who used Maryland toll roads in the past year but haven’t received an invoice for the trip shouldn’t expect to avoid paying the toll.

The Maryland Transportation Authority is billing motorists for millions of toll trips made after invoices were paused during the coronavirus pandemic. The backlog has ballooned to more than 23 million transactions awaiting processing as the agency pleads for patience amid a torrent of customer complaints.

The MDTA, which manages the state’s eight toll roads and bridges, said it already has mailed bills for about 5 million transactions for video tolls worth $27 million. The agency in recent days has started processing notices for more video tolls — in which motorists without an E-ZPass transponder pay by mail — that were incurred back to August.

The backlog is catching many motorists by surprise: Some people — not expecting a bill for a trip made months ago — aren’t seeing or are ignoring notices as they arrive in the mail. Meanwhile, the agency’s customer call centers are overwhelmed with inquiries from people who are opening the invoices.

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